Millbrook Proving Ground – Testbed UK

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The Goal – In line with UKAEA’s RACE to take significant steps in providing connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) developers with practical testing solutions in the UK. 

The Proposal – To deliver a number of our StreetDrone Twizy’s which can be programmed to simulate traffic, to be controlled autonomously or remotely and to test autonomous driving software. Our vehicles can be given different steering, braking and acceleration characteristics to emulate a range of vehicles without the need to bypass the CANBUS. This methodology allows us to be flexible for our customers who prefer different cars to what we tend to offer out-of-the-box. 

The Outcome – One can work with StreetDrone, RACE or Millbrook to test their autonomous driving software, sensors and more. This can be done with the use of our self driving engineering experts, in the fully controlled or semi-controlled autonomous ready physical environment that Millbrook and UKAEA’s RACE provide respectively. The Millbrook site is 5G enabled for taking wireless communications to the next level. 

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