Bringing an autonomous revolution to yard logistics

StreetDrone is deploying the world’s safest autonomy. A groundbreaking approach to yard logistics solutions for operators. 

The world's ports stand to gain enormously from the deployment of autonomous logistics within their operations.
Autonomous yard tractors can bring near-term cost and efficiency gains, and have massive advantages over older AGV technology.
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Retail distribution environments are key supply chain component in satisfying consumers demand for convinience, and are an important environment for deploying autonomous and teleoperation systems. StreetDrone is already working with retailers to understand how autonomous yard operations can be implemented in the near term.
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Large scale manufacturing sites suite autonomy perfectly, making operations more efficient, safer, and more cost effective. StreetDrone have already deployed autonomous logistics operations for Vantec at Nissan's car plant in the north of the UK and are leading the drive to implement autonomous solutions at scale.
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StreetDrone's work at Nissan Sunderland

Automated Driving

In June 2022, StreetDrone successfully deployed autonomous deliveries using and electric Terberg YT203-EV at Nissan’s Sunderland car plant as part of a UK Government funded project, 5G CAL 

Autonomous Software

The autonomous functionality is built both by the StreetDrone team and a network of partners which collaborate with Project Aslan, an open-source software designed to accelerate the development of autonomous capability


To ensure that the 5G CAL project has safety at its core, all technology developments are  tested both in simulation and in physical environments, including on Nissan’s own Sunderland test track.


The Terberg autonomous truck connects to, or integrates with technology from partners such as Nokia (5G), Hitachi (connected infrastructure and predictive analytics) and Voysys (teleoperation software)


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Technology and project partners


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