We're on a mission to deliver autonomy to your doorstep


Delivering autonomous services sooner

The benefits promised by autonomous vehicles, especially autonomous services, have always been clear. Safer environments, better reliability, reduced congestion and lower costs will bring significant change to the lives of both consumers and the businesses that work for them.
StreetDrone is working to bring those benefits much more quickly by focusing on deploying low-speed autonomous delivery vehicles into service in well mapped, low complexity situations. That way we all get to experience autonomy sooner rather than later.


Introducing Pix-E

Pix-E is lightweight and narrow, allowing for better passive and dynamic safety for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

Small. Slow. Safe. 

Helps reduce traffic congestion and prevent accidents

Fully electric

Zero emissions
Rapid charging

Max speed 20mph

Working in controlled environments at slow speeds

8 Lockers

Goods reach their final destination safely

80km Range

Deliveries to neighbourhoods made easy


Working with the high street

wilko announces investment in StreetDrone to bring autonomous deliveries to the high street

wilko’s ambition is to provide customers with access to new digitally-enabled services, including autonomous retail deliveries, that will enhance their experience and make it easier for them to access the products they need.


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