Our technology

StreetDrone is deploying engineering excellence for full autonomy in urban and industrial environments – those places where adding low-speed autonomous vehicles improve services, safety and efficiency


StreetDrone’s autonomous technology is focused on near-term applications on slow-moving vehicles


StreetDrone's work at Nissan's Sunderland plant with 5G CAL

Automated Driving

We are currently deploying low-speed automation in controlled environments, on the electric Terberg YT203-EV at Nissan’s Sunderland car plant as part of a UK Government funded project, 5G CAL 

Autonomous Software

The autonomous functionality is built both by the StreetDrone team and a network of partners which collaborate with Project Aslan, an open-source software designed to accelerate the development of autonomous capability

Testing for

To ensure that the 5G CAL project has safety at its core, all technology developments are  tested both in simulation and in physical environments, including on Nissan’s own Sunderland test track.

Integrating Technologies

The Terberg autonomous truck connects to, or integrates with technology from partners such as Nokia (5G), Hitachi (connected infrastructure and predictive analytics) and Voysys (teleoperation software)