Our technology


StreetDrone’s technology drives the deployment of safe, efficient and scalable autonomous industrial logistics

We are building towards having our first “operator-ready” autonomous solutions ready for 2025.

In fact we believe that we are on-track to be one of the first AV technology providers worldwide to have a mature, commercially viable and scalable autonomous solution available for operators.

StreetDrone sign MOU with Terberg

Working with Switch Mobility


StreetDrone Aslan Autonomous Software


AslanX is amongst the world’s leading autonomous software solutions, and powers StreetDrone’s vehicles for logistics operators.


StreetDrone XenOS Operator software


XenOS connects operators and their systems safely to vehicles on the ground, allowing operators to manage multiple vehicles across multiple locations. That way we all get to benefit from autonomy sooner rather than later.


Working with Terberg - the autonomous terminal tractor

StreetDrone is working with Terberg on 5G connected, autonomous terminal tractors which have already been deployed at Nissan’s Sunderland car plant.


Technology and project partners