Our vehicles

The world’s safest, most advanced, sustainable, and efficient delivery and logistics solutions


Introducing Pix-E

Pix-E is lightweight and narrow, allowing for better passive and dynamic safety for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

Small. Slow. Safe. 

Helps reduce traffic congestion and prevent accidents

Fully electric

Zero emissions
Rapid charging

Max speed 20mph

Working in controlled environments at slow speeds

8 Lockers

Goods reach their final destination safely

80km Range

Deliveries to neighbourhoods made easy


Introducing the StreetDrone Smart 1 terminal tractor

StreetDrone Smart 1 Terminal Tractor brings together the best in robotics, software, delivery, and logistics to increase your business’s safety and efficiency

Zero Emissions

Energy efficient

Cleaner & Greener

Zero Delays

Better performance

Increased efficiency

Zero Incidents

No wasted time, labour & money

Safety for all