Today, we’re releasing our Safety Report, entitled “Putting Safety First in Autonomous Vehicles”

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StreetDrone’s safety approach for testing and deploying connected & autonomous vehicles.

With many other considerations at the forefront of people’s minds, the StreetDrone team has spent some of their remote working time thinking about our approach to safety.

Together we have compiled a document that summarises our approach and adds to the wider industry’s discussion concerning the safe trial and deployment of self-driving cars in urban environments.

The recent release of PAS 1881 by the British Standards Institution involved a group of partners from the automotive and CAV industries including the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, the Department for Transport, Innovate UK, TRL and Zenzic. PAS 1881 gives the industry a means to standardise how deployments of autonomous vehicles need to be documented and although further development is needed to include more around vehicle technologies, this is a great start.

StreetDrone aims to contribute to this discussion, particularly in relation to our approach that includes a key focus on the base vehicle to ensure that all testing and deployment can be built on the foundation of a functionally safe autonomous-ready vehicle.

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