StreetDrone Team




Mike Potts

Streetdrone director and CEO, Mike Potts

Role at StreetDrone: Founder & CEO

A pioneering entrepreneur with a fifteen-year plus track record specialising in building successful businesses in digital marketing, data analytics and autonomous technologies. Having succeeded within organisations such as Expedia and Coca-Cola, Mike founded marketing technology consultancy DBi which sold to Havas Media Group in 2013. Mike was Chief Data Officer for Havas Media in the UK for 3 years, before co-founding StreetDrone in 2017 with his lifelong friend Mark Preston.

Previous Job Titles: Managing Director, Preston EV. Chief Data Officer, Havas Media Group. Founder and Managing Director, Grupo Elisa Interactive. Business Development Manager, Expedia. Territory Merchandiser, Coca-Cola

Companies: Expedia, Coca-Cola, DBi, Havas Media Group, StreetDrone

University/study: Oxford Brookes University, Economics and Marketing Management (BSc Hons)

Career highlights: Launching the affiliate marketing programme and growing direct partnerships at Expedia, founding the marketing technology systems consultancy DBi, directing LAE’s business development and business consulting teams, building opportunities in and around mobility solutions at Preston EV and #DeliveringAutonomy at StreetDrone, driven by his passionate belief that both businesses and society generally need access to the benefits of autonomous technology in as short a time frame as possible, and that this can only be achieved by first applying autonomous technology to slow-moving vehicles

Interesting hobbies: Cycling

Mark Preston

Co-founder and director, Mark Preston

Role at StreetDrone: Founder & CSO

Grew up on the rural farms of Australia learning about old cars, broken down trucks and complex machines. He first stepped into his motorsport career at Monash University and worked for General Motors Holden and Holden Special Vehicles before travelling to the UK to begin a career in Formula 1. Fast forward 25 plus years and Mark has quite the motor sporting CV, ranging from Arrows Grand Prix, to McLaren and TECHEETAH Formula E team.

Previous Job Titles: CEO, DS TECHEETAH Formula E Team, Technical Director Super Aguri Honda F1 Team

Companies: McLaren Racing, Arrows Grand Prix, Super Aguri Honda F1, DS TECHEETAH Formula E, General Motors Holden

University/study: Monash University (Mechanical Engineering), Oxford Said Business School (MBA)

Career highlights: Starting a Formula 1 team in 100 days (Super Aguri Honda F1), Winning 5 championships in Formula E with TECHEETAH

Interesting hobbies: Golf, motorsport, swimming

Ian Murphy

Technical director, Ian Murphy

Role at StreetDrone: Technical Director

Leads the software and hardware development teams. He has over 25 years of experience, including working as a Race Engineer, Control Systems Engineer and Head of Systems Engineering in Formula 1 (Arrows, Williams) and Formula E (Super Aguri, NextEV). Extensive Simulation, Control Systems and Functional Safety experience from working in the Automotive sector (Ford, Flybrid Systems, Rockfort).

Previous Job Titles: Race Engineer, Principal Engineer, Control Systems Engineer Chief Engineer, Head of Systems Engineering

Companies: Ford, Arrows, Williams, Flybrid Systems, Super Aguri, NextEV, Rockfort

University/study: M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Southampton

Career highlights: Working in F1 during the ‘driver aids’ era of intense Control Systems development, helping develop the first Hybrid system to race at Le Mans, developing the Functional Safety and Control Software architecture for StreetDrone’s Drive-by-Wire vehicle technology.

Interesting hobbies: Mountain Biking & FPV Drone Flying


Commercial & Marketing Team

Michael Thomas

Head of commercial, Michael Thomas

Role at StreetDrone: Commercial Director

Leads our engineering consulting division. He is a Sales and Business Development specialist, with experience of creating and managing multi-tiered distribution channels both domestically and internationally. He has over 27 years of experience working as a sales director, managing director and VP for companies such as Polaroid, Street Surfing, Friday Labs, AudioQuest and SkyBell.

Previous Job Titles: Sales director, managing director and VP for companies such as Polaroid, Street Surfing, Friday Labs, AudioQuest and SkyBell.

Companies: Quarterdeck Corp/ IMSI/ Polaroid Corp/ StreetSurfing/ Friday Labs/ AudioQuest & Skybell Technologies

University/study: Aylesbury college of FE – HND Business & Finance

Career highlights: Introduced Polaroid CE products to EMEA marketplace and was responsible for $750m sales revenue during a 9 year period.

Larisa Giurea

Role at StreetDrone: Marketing Manager

Has over 6 years of experience in online and offline B2B and B2C marketing. She holds a Bachelor’s in 3 Modern Languages, a Bachelor’s in Education and a Master’s in East Asian Studies.

Previous Job Titles: International Marketing Executive, Global Content Marketing Executive, Brand Manager

Companies: Trip Advisor, Museum Selection, Fuel Card Services, Essentra Components

University/study: Bachelor’s in 3 Modern Languages, Bachelor’s in Education, Master’s in East Asian Studies

Interesting hobbies: Foreign languages, dancing, cooking, art

Holly Watson Nall

Role at StreetDrone: Special Operations

Has over 3 years of motorsport industry experience as a systems engineer at Roborace and Manor F1. She is currently part of the Commercial team, helping to set the strategy and leads product development across divisions, mainly focusing on last mile delivery solutions. She holds a Master’s in Motorsport Engineering from Oxford Brookes and is a head judge of FS-AI Formula Student competition.

Previous Job Titles: Systems Engineer

Companies: Roborace, Manor F1

University/study: Master’s in Motorsport Engineering from Oxford Brookes

Career highlights: Head judge of FS-AI Formula Student competition.

Interesting hobbies: Cycling, yoga, art

Maksims Juhtanovs

Role at StreetDrone: Junior Applications Engineer

Familiar with systems design and StreetDrone vehicles production processes. Writes up technical documentation and looks after customer support. Previously worked on transitioning the internal combustion Formula Student race car to an all electric drivetrain one as a part of his degree.

University/study: Bachelors in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Career highlights: StreetDrone e-NV200 Production Manual write-up. Remote vehicle modification, StreetDrone Drive-by-Wire assembly and integration. Assistance with integration of new computers, sensors and peripheral devices with existing StreetDrone systems.

Interesting hobbies: Long-distance running, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Snowboarding.

Anna Markova (nee Craciun)

Role at StreetDrone: Head of Partnerships

Eight years experience in transport strategy and planning, innovation and mobility solutions across the public and private sectors. Anna led the development of Greater Manchester’s connected autonomous vehicle strategy in 2018 and has since specialised in policy and partnerships that aim to deliver autonomous vehicle solutions.

Previous Job Titles: Partnerships manager, innovation lead, senior transport planner 

Companies: Atkins, Transport for Greater Manchester, Humanising Autonomy

University/study: BSc in Geographical Information Science; Masters in Business Administration Digital Marketing and Negotiations from the PowerMBA

Career highlights: Working on the Malawi national transport plan and meeting local clients;
CIHT – young professional chair 2016-2019, North West region chair 2021; Lead organiser of the POLIS 2018 conference which hosted 550 attendees and 110 speakers;
Including the disability design reference group in the creation of Greater Manchester’s innovation principles which are now part of the 2040 strategy;
Hosting citizens engagement forums to debate future scenarios with connected autonomous vehicles;
Guest speaker at Portsmouth university on careers in transport (1-3 students from each year are successful in the field);
Using AI during Covid to relieve pain points on public transport systems and ensure social distancing and cleaning standards are met.

Interesting hobbies: Surfing, snow sports, hiking and any outdoor sports where my golden retriever can join in.


Connected Vehicle Systems Team

Fionán O’Sullivan

HEad of connected systems, Fianan O'Sullivan

Role at StreetDrone: Head of Connected Vehicle Systems

Leading the Connected Vehicles Team. Has extensive knowledge of software and systems design and development and worked as an Electrified Powertrain Controls Engineer and Lead Software Engineer for 9 years, working alongside leaders in the industry such as Jaguar Land Rover. 

Previous Job Titles: Electrified Powertrain Controls Engineer and Lead Software Engineer

Companies: Jaguar Land Rover

University/study: Bachelors in Electronic Engineering and is working towards a MsC in Software Engineering.

Career highlights: Integration of Teleoperation into StreetDrone tech and deploying it on public roads. Controls development of the Jaguar I-Pace.

Interesting hobbies: Playing bass, long-distance running and occasionally the Mongol Rally

Andrei Golovkin

Role at StreetDrone: Software Engineer

Working as an software engineer in the Connected Vehicles Team, having joined in September 2021. He holds a Bachelor’s in Computing for Robotic System from Oxford Brookes University, where he was a defining member of the Autonomous Tech Society.

University/study: Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Career highlights: Successfully designed and implemented a full refactor of the core process of Arbitration with zero cost overruns and zero time delays. Led the integration of Teleoperation software into the teleoperation system with major improvements. Successfully organised and led numerous board meetings, exploring interdepartmental collaborative problem solves.

Interesting hobbies: Playing chess, reading, board game

Adam Gibson

Role at StreetDrone: Cloud Software Engineer

Joined StreetDrone in 2021, has extensive knowledge in software development and has worked across the software stack, including web development, backend development, cloud engineering, and machine learning. 

Previous Job Titles: Junior Software Engineer

Companies: Paradigm Communications Systems Ltd.

University/study: BSc in Computer Science and Japanese Studies (Hons), MSc in Advanced Computer Science from Oxford Brookes University

Interesting hobbies: Gaming, and language study, specifically Japanese (よろしくお願いします。) and Korean (잘 부탁드립니다.)

Louis Appleton

Role at StreetDrone: Junior Software Engineer

After completing a Bachelors in Robotic Engineering, he joined StreetDrone in October 2021. He has knowledge bases in System design, Mechatronics and Machine Learning.

Previous Job Titles: Robotics Mentor, Digital Technology Intern

Companies: FirstUK, Baker Hughes

University/study: Bachelors in Robotic Engineering from the University of the West of England with Honours

Career highlights: Mentored FirstUK team, successfully won a place at the final at the London Copper Box Arena but due to Covid, the final was eventually cancelled. Scout Leader. DofE Bronze – C.S. Platinum. Lead development of the SD frontend Glui system. Successfully implemented worldwide coverage for teleoperation on SD vehicles.

Interesting hobbies: Volunteering, Hiking, Games and when the weather is just right, Paddle Boarding. 


Control Systems

Technical Director, Ian Murphy

Dr Rob Davies

Role at StreetDrone: Head of Control Systems

Leading the Systems Control Engineering team. Has extensive knowledge in systems engineering, dynamic modelling and control law development, electronics and control system implementation and has over 22 years experience. He worked as Head of Systems for Reaction Engines overseeing Systems Engineering for projects, as well as dynamic model development and control systems design and was also Systems Engineer across a wide range of disciplines for QinetiQ. Before that he was an academic at the University of York and before that a pilot for British Airways.

Previous Job Titles: Head of Systems, Senior Systems Engineer

Companies: Reaction Engines ltd, QinetiQ, University of York

University/study: Holds a DPhil in ‘Modern multivariable control systems’ and a BEng in Electronics Engineering

Career highlights: Working for StreetDrone

Interesting hobbies: Racing sailing boats, running, building things out of wood (guitars, violins etc), writing iphone apps

Chris Whimpenny

Role at StreetDrone: Control Systems Engineer


Interesting hobbies: Touch Rugby

Matthew Evans (he/him)

Role at StreetDrone: Control Systems Engineer

Matt has over 10 years of experience in electrical engineering and design, working in research and development of equipment and systems for use in fusion, space and automotive industries. 

Previous Job Titles: Electrical and Electronics Engineer; Electrical and Electronics Technician; Advanced Engineering Apprentice.

Companies: Reaction Engines Ltd, UKAEA and CCFE

University/study: BEng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at London South Bank University

Career highlights: Enabling the autonomous self-driving of a Terberg truck. Solo design and build of a PLC controlled system that enables construction of a complex heat exchanger (HX) made of 1000s of foils which has successfully built several HXs. Part of several successful hydrogen rocket engine test programs providing instrumentation and electrical equipment systems and machines over several years.

Interesting hobbies: Regularly runs and occasionally takes part in walking or running challenges. Enjoys playing video games, board games, and card games. Loves baking, cooking, and trying new foods, especially on his travels.


Design & Production Team

Technical Director, Ian Murphy

Dr Joao Correia

Role at StreetDrone: Head of Platforms

Leading the Design Team and overseeing the Control Systems Group. Has extensive knowledge of mechanical and aerodynamic design gained over a 15 year career in motorsports, with a stint as Head of Design and Aerodynamics at Vertical Advanced Engineering and at Manor F1.

Previous Job Titles: Head of Design and Aerodynamics at Vertical Advanced Engineering.

Companies: Dragon Racing, Vertical Advanced Engineering, Manor F1, Super Aguri Formula E

University/study: PhD in Aerodynamics and a Master’s in Aeronautical Engineering

Career highlights: Winning the 4th Race of the First Season of Formula E, after having spent the previous 6 months setting up the team.

Interesting hobbies: Volleyball, Motorsports and Travelling

Christian Walker

Role at StreetDrone: Stockroom Manager/Procurement

Working at StreetDrone for 2.5 years, learning a lot about the automotive/autonomous industry. Behind the wheel for the majority of the safety driving on big projects such as 5G CAL. Building on previous Stockroom experience and developing new skills from simple loom making to procurement for projects.

Previous Job Titles: City Manager, Stockroom Manager, Personnal

Companies: Mobike, Zadig & Voltaire, Churches, Anytime

Interesting hobbies: Festivals, Health & Fitness, Writing

Marc Timko

Role at StreetDrone: Production Manager – Manufacturing

Leading the procurement team. Has extensive knowledge of ERP systems with 6 years experience as a production engineer – Working alongside industry leaders such as RedBull Racing, Porsche, Koenigsegg & Ligier.

Previous Job Titles: Production Engineer & CAD Designer

Companies: Primary Designs & Willans

University/study: 1st class BSc in Motorsport Technology

Career highlights: Leading multiple race wins in the GTCUP Championship providing data analysis and development of upgraded parts.

Interesting hobbies: Attendance of trackdays, Japanese language study & Karting

Antoni Bengochea Segarra

Role at StreetDrone: Junior Robotics Engineer

University/study: Msc Motorsports Engineering at Brookes University, Mechanical Engineering, Universitat Jaume I

Interesting hobbies: Motorsports, Racing Sims, 

Pascal McBride

Role at StreetDrone: Self-driving Project Engineer

University/study: Msc in Artificial Intelligence, University of Bath, BEng in Automotive Engineering, Oxford Brookes University

Interesting hobbies: Racing Sims

Kevin Potts

Role at StreetDrone: Production Manager

Is leading the Mechanical Engineering team. Has over 20 years experience working as a mechanic, engineer and technician and has worked for the Amlin Aguri Formula E team

Previous Job Titles: Chief Mechanic, Head of Estimating, Machinist, Dyno tester, Motorcycle Technician 

Companies: Amlin-Aguri Formula E Team, Yamaha, French Car Co, Barclays Motorcycles, 3X Motorcycles, Bikers Legal Defence, RaceLab, A.S. Engineering, Moore Speed Racing

Career highlights: Chief Mechanic running a British Supersport bike for 3 seasons with 100% reliability record.  Building the future with Streetdrone.

Interesting hobbies: I love music and have played guitar for over 30 years, I also love the art of rock balancing and photography. Twice Silver medalist at The European Stone Stacking Championships.


Software Team

Dr Sander van Dijk

Head of Software, Sandar van Dijk

Role at StreetDrone: Head of Autonomous Systems

Leading the Software Engineering Team. Has extensive knowledge of AI and ML and worked as Head of Research at Parkopedia for 9 years. 

Previous Job Titles: Head of Research/Data Science

Companies: Parkopedia

University/study: MSc in Artificial Intelligence at University of Groningen; PhD in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence at University of Hatfield, UK

Career highlights: 3x vice robot football world champion; deployed big data ML models to major OEMs (BMW, Audi, VW, Ford, etc); iOS app featured in App Store.

Interesting hobbies: Robot football, climbing/bouldering, electronics

Marcello Carfagno

Role at StreetDrone: Robotics Engineer

Khaled Saad

Role at StreetDrone: Robotics Engineer

He took interest in robotics during school, when he joined several competitions to design and build all kinds of robots. This led him to study Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering at the University of Sheffield. During university, he did several internships and a placement before graduating to work for the National Oceanography Centre, then StreetDrone. At Streetdrone, he works on several areas including: planning, control and perception.

Previous Job Titles: AUV Software and Systems Engineer

Companies: National Oceanography Centre

University/study: MEng Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering with a Year in Industry

Interesting hobbies: Travelling, cooking and making things

Isaac van der Sluis

Role at StreetDrone: Software Engineer

Member of the autonomous software team. He led the mapping team on an autonomous racing team while studying and did his dissertation on simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM).

University/study: AS in Computer Programming, a Bachelor’s in International Relations, and an MsC in Computer Science.

Career highlights: Development of C++ socket library that facilitates easy communication between systems at StreetDrone.

Interesting hobbies: Strategy board games, painting miniatures, hiking

Myron Rodrigues

Role at StreetDrone: Robotics Engineer

University/study: Msc in Robotics, University of Bristol

Interesting hobbies: Playing music


Programme, Project, & Safety Management Team

Ross James

Role at StreetDrone: Programme Manager and Lead Safety Engineer

Has over 10 years of experience in leading vehicle safety engineering, working for industry leaders such as Jaguar Land Rover. He holds a BsC in Design Engineering and is an IPMA Certified Project Management Associate.

Previous Job Titles: Vehicle safety PAT (Programme Attribute Team) leader – Range Rover, Vehicle safety delivery engineer – Range Rover Velar, Jaguar F-Type.

Companies: Jaguar Land Rover

University/study: BsC in Design Engineering

Career highlights: Leading the 5G Connected Automated Logistics project from initiation through to operating an autonomous and teleoperated 40-ton vehicle on Nissan’s live operational site.
Achieving EuroNCAP 5* performance with the Range Rover Velar

Interesting hobbies: Spending time in the mountains including working a ski season in Canada as part of a career break and trekking the Annapurna circuit in Nepal.

Abdullah Baig

Role at StreetDrone: Autonomous Safety Engineer

Has over 7 years of experience in vehicle and passenger safety engineering, working for industry leaders such as Jaguar Land Rover.

Previous Job Titles: Body Test Operations Engineer – Land Rover Defender, Lead Restraints Safety Engineer – EPace, and Child Safety Test Engineer/Researcher – (TRL).

Companies: Jaguar Land Rover, Transport Research Laboratory (TRL).

University/study: MSc in Mechanical Engineering and BEng in Mechanical Engineering.

Career highlights: Developed the safety case documentation for the 5G Connected Automated Logistics project which entailed operating an autonomous and teleoperated 40-ton vehicle on Nissan’s live operational site.
Achieving EuroNCAP 5* performance with the EPace.
Authored a Literature review in a Research publication; Automated Driving Systems: Understanding Future Collision Patterns

Interesting hobbies: GST Movement coach and also run the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kids program in the local MMA gym. I’m also an avid traditional field archer and love spending time outdoors in the forests and hills with the family.

Sevnur Genc Denek

Role at StreetDrone: Project Manager

Has over 10 years of experience in product & process development and project management, industrialising robust project plans and methods for new component introduction in complicated automotive and aerospace engineering projects. She holds AS 9100 Rev d. Basic and Internal auditor Training and Product Safety & Conformity Representative (PSCR).

Previous Job Titles: Senior R&D Product Development Engineer, Material and Process Development Engineer, and Special Process Engineer.

Companies: Brisa Bridgestone Sabanci , Alp Aviation.

University/study: BsC in Chemical Engineering

Career highlights: Served as leader for a $374K initiative that improved market (tyre) sales by 30% (at Brisa Bridgestone Sabanci). Implemented a new coating unit with heavy metal waste water treatment system and two paint cabins with a total budget of €4.6M (at Alp Aviation).

Interesting hobbies: Travelling around the world and taking photos of the regions I`ve visited, especially the natural beauties, using up-to-date photography techniques.

Shohruh Jurakulov

Role at StreetDrone: Project manager

Has 5 years of experience as a co-founder and CEO in a manufacturer of high end road bikes at Tresca Bikes prior to joining StreetDrone, having a hands on experience of building a team and product from scratch and installing high end processes in place to yield the results with a minimal budget. 

Previous Job Titles: Co-founder & CEO

Companies: Tresca Bikes 

University/study: BSc & MSc Accounting and Finance

Career highlights: Project management of testing and configuration of self driving teleoperation software testing in the successful delivery of 5G CAL project.
Coming 4th place in road bike of the year awards with our first ever product at Tresca Bikes, outperforming many industry leaders while operating on a fraction of their budget

Interesting hobbies: F1, football (once I, together with a friend, sent a scouting report of football players to all the scouts of Aston Villa FC and they did come back to us acknowledging the receipt of report, and review of the players!)



Led by Mark Preston

Beatriz Lopes

Role at StreetDrone: Country Manager – Portugal

Interesting hobbies: F1, creating F1 content, live music


Finance Team

Thomas Shelbourn

Head of Finance, Tom Shelbourne

Role at StreetDrone: Head of Finance

Leading the investment and financial strategy of StreetDrone. Has 8 years of experience across various finance and senior commercial roles. Co-founded Wilkinson Future venture capital fund, leading investments into 20+ start-up companies (including StreetDrone) over 3 years. Founder of FrontDoor Capital, a healthcare focussed property development company. Non-executive Director at Reeltime Apps and Tzuka Headphones.

Previous Job Titles: Finance Director, CIO, Investment Manager

Companies: W S Yeates Ltd, AHWL, Tanglewood Care Homes, Nomura

University/study: BSc in Economics & Finance from Duke University.

Career highlights: Investing in and supporting 20+ UK start-up companies. Managing the sale of Tanglewood Care Homes to Elevation Advisors.

Interesting hobbies: Restoring and racing classic cars

Dean Temple MAAT

Role at StreetDrone: Bookkeeper

Formerly a licensee for high end West End clubs and bars. Now an accountant with a specialism in R&D tax credits and tax management. Has an extensive knowledge of accountancy software and connecting systems. Collates and manages the accounts of five companies within the group including filing and reporting.
Read Theology at University and is a member of the AAT. Now working towards his ACCA.

Previous Job Titles: Unit Controller, Accounts Assistant and Head of Finance

Companies: Sophos, Adlens, Oxera Consulting, Morgan Cameron Chartered Accountants and Puma hotels 

University/study: Theology at University of Greenwich. Has a City and Guilds in Bookkeeping and an AAT Diploma.

Career highlights: Assisted with the setting up of many small businesses, helping clients with tax management and wealth planning.

Interesting hobbies: DJing, Boxing, collecting rare books and dabbles in local politics.


Operations Team

Bindu Patel

Head of People & Operations, Bindu Patel

Role at StreetDrone: Head of People & Operations

Developing and supporting the culture of StreetDrone, with an amazing operations team. Delivering overall strategy for activities, policies & procedures in the following areas: recruitment; onboarding; employee wellbeing; employee benefits; employee development; mental health support; payroll; company socials; people logistics; and facilities. Also provide specific advice & support for commercial contracts, grant funded projects and investment.

Previous Job Titles: UK Director of Business Operations, Business Operations Manager; Managing Director, Transport Research & Economics Manager, Compliance Advice Manager – Firm & Culture; Senior Compliance Specialist.

Companies: Techeetah Formula E Team (SECA Sports Europe Limited); Team Aguri Formula E Team (SAFE Racing Ltd);The MobOx Foundation CIC, Oxfordshire County Council, Nationwide Building Society, Capital One Bank

University/study: LLB (Hons) from DeMonfort University, UK

Career highlights: Currently being part of the exceptional team who are growing  StreetDrone into a driving force within the autonomous vehicle (software & hardware) arena.  Previously establishing an operational team/framework for the Formula E team during the early seasons (1-3) which became the operational foundation of the championship winning DS Techeetah Formula E team.

Interesting hobbies: Travelling (especially in SE Asia) and mentoring women to help them grow personally and professionally.

Nina Butterfield

Role at StreetDrone: Executive Assistant to the Directors

With over 14 years experience supporting up to Board level, Nina has worked for a range of businesses from startups to large corporate companies. She is responsible for the day to day support of the Directors and wider executive team at StreetDrone.

Previous Job Titles: Executive Assistant to the Company Secretary, Executive Assistant to The Rt Hon The Lord Triesman, Executive Assistant to the Head of Oncology.

Companies: Britvic, Salamaca Group, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

University/study: Bachelor’s Degree Media and Cultural Studies at Southampton Solent.

Career highlights: Achieving Mental Health First Aider qualification.

Interesting hobbies: Collecting mid-century furniture, spending time with my daughter, live music.

Bhupen Patel

Role at StreetDrone: IT Manager

One of his prime focuses at StreetDrone is to provide the best tools, at the best value, for the amazing StreetDrone teams to continue making incredible products.
Has over 25 years experience in a variety of IT and management roles. 

Previous Job Titles: Software Engineer, IT Officer, IT Manager, Systems Implementer Team Lead, Project Manager, Network Engineer, Accountant, Audio/Visual engineer.

Companies: Shyft, University of Oxford, University of Loughborough, National Car Rental, Andersen Consulting, Channel 5, Inland Revenue (Tax returns). 

University/study: Bsc in Mathematics & Management at King’s College London

Career highlights: Implementing a system, which would normally take months to arrange, in 4 days, which meant a multi-million pound contract was renewed.
Making at least one lifelong friends at every company I’ve worked at.

Interesting hobbies: Travelling around the world to avoid the cold, football, poker, reading, socialising and BINGO!!