Introducing the StreetDrone E-NV200, available now in left and right-hand drive variants* - offers a flexible approach to trialing autonomous shuttle, taxi and delivery service, fully supported by the StreetDrone engineering and field testing teams. 

Already being used in live trials on public roads, please contact us for more information.

*Leasing and contract hire options are also available for UK customers. Please get in touch with us to discuss this further.


The StreetDrone E-NV200 is the perfect trials vehicle, and when combined with our enterprise open source AutoWare software stack and Incar PC computing power, delivers out-of-the box autonomous trials. Featuring the world's safest drive-by-wire system* specifically developed for autonomous applications, an open CAN interface, open data system, built-in sensors and compute flexibility, the e-NV200 and StreetDrone team are always ready to ensure that your team are making the most of your self-driving ambitions.


- 5/7 seater/panel van configurable EV 

- Fully electric drivetrain 

- Up to 187 mile range 

- Max speed: 80 mph 

- 600kg payload

- Charge time 40 minutes (using fast charge)

- Multiple moulded mountings for computation equipment 

- Roof mounted sensor arrays 


Compatible with open source sim and ROS interface. Applications for the StreetDrone E-NV200 include vehicle test centres and proving grounds, Universities, Start-ups, City mobility schemes, off highway, passenger transportation. For more information and enquiries on StreetDrone E-NV200 pricing, please do get in touch with the sales team.

The StreetDrone team have a safety first mindset to autonomous trials, and that approach starts with our “driving robot” approach to the vehicle.

Many of the “autonomous” vehicles on the road today “hack” existing vehicle systems, like self-parking, to enable the steering to be controlled.

At StreetDrone we have a no-hack policy. We build additional motors into the steering and braking systems on all our vehicles, which are connected via our proprietary control system to the self-driving computer in the vehicle. This gives maximum control, safety and open data all in one beautifully prepared package.