StreetDrone for
Urban Last Mile Delivery

StreetDrone’s vehicle and software stack are the perfect solution to your last mile delivery and logistics ambitions. From trials to scaled operations, we’re here to help you deploy engineering excellence.


Aiming for full autonomy in urban environments

Autonomous deliveries represent a real opportunity for improving the lives of people living in cities and beyond. At StreetDrone, we are focussed on enabling full autonomous capability with a cost base that means profitable autonomous services are achievable in the short term .

Online ordering and same day deliveries continue to grow but are not yet perfect – autonomous deliveries can enable a lower cost operation whilst improving efficiency, lowering emissions and improving safety. Contactless deliveries have sped up the work here at StreetDrone as we embark on our route to full autonomy.

Our expert deployment team is ready and waiting to help get your vehicles on the road. Before a wheel turns, our specialist engineers can help to build a full deployment road-map, centered around your specific business case.

A defined process for safe roll-out of autonomous trials


Scoping an "ODD"

Arguably the most important step of the process when setting up an autonomous vehicle trial, is defining an operational design domain (“ODD”). The ODD defines the environment in which the vehicle(s) will operate, and the behaviour within that environment.

The ODD is chosen with the help of StreetDrone’s expert deployment and safety engineers, who will ensure that the ODD meets your trial aims and objectives.


Specifying the Software

To achieve the behaviour defined by the ODD above, StreetDrone will help you select a range of proprietary and enterprise open-source autonomous software modules. If needs be, our specialist team can further cater these to your specific use-case.


Specifying the Hardware

Once software modules are selected, we define a hardware specification to meet your use-case. Choose from our flagship R&D trials platform, the StreetDrone e-NV200, or choose our lightweight Twizy 2-seater EV. Each vehicle is fitted with sensors and computation to deliver the self-driving functionality.

Our self-driving technology is designed to be transferred to any vehicle, so our engineering team can implement our control systems on a vehicle of your choice.


Building Complementary Tech Integrations

StreetDrone has a range of complementary tech integrations to maximise the efficiency and output of your self-driving trial.

Whether it be an analytics package, data storage facility or mission control application from our partners Bestmile, we can make sure that your technology meets the state of the art.


Building a Safety Case and Validation plan

The combination of ODD, software and hardware (the latter two known as VDD), needs to have a robust safety case before deployment. This safety case is in line with location specific best practices such as the DfT code of practice for driverless testing.

Furthermore, StreetDrone will plan a validation schedule, in simulation, bench testing and proving ground to ensure that a fully justified safety case is developed.

Download our safety approach


Getting Vehicles on the Road

Once you’re ready to roll, StreetDrone can provide the technical resource to make your deployment as smooth as possible. From safety drivers to monitoring autonomous engineers, the StreetDrone team is on hand to get you rolling. Our onsite teams can be complemented with an array of remote support options.

If you want to build your own technical expertise, choose from our training options in safety driving, deployment and data collection.

Download our safety approach


Our full stack approach means you can jump into deployment quickly and easily

Our expert deployment team is ready and waiting to help get your vehicles on the road. Before a wheel turns, our specialist engineers can help to build a validation plan in line with local guidelines and regulations, to build this into a full safety case for specific operational design domains.

Ensure a leading safety approach to trial

  • Best practice approach at all levels of the stack
  • Cyber-security resilience tests available via partners
  • World leading drive-by-wire safety case

Supports UK DfT rules on data access

  • Get help from experts in embedded, safety and self-driving soft-use-case-ware
  • Build a trial bespoke to your application

Save months of development and deployment time

  • Our trials are quick to start, and our leveraging of open-source software, reduces costs to entry

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