The focus of our safety first approach to deploying urban autonomous vehicles, our drive-by-wire control of steering, brakes, acceleration and ancillaries has been designed by an expert team with years of automotive experience. 

Rather than "hack" into a vehicles existing power control systems, we build a "driving robot" which works with the vehicle and replicates the driver. This is by far the safest way of implementing autonomous control on top of a manufacturer's own systems design.

StreetDrone's integrated "driving robot" system allows full control of steering, braking, throttle and key ancillaries such as lights, horn and indicators, all without manipulation or reverse-engineering of the original vehicle systems.


At StreetDrone we have a safety approach that is second to none in the industry, and borne out of our vast experience in working in the automotive and motor racing sectors. Our "10 points" approach is unique and focused on ensuring that the safety driver is completely aware of any vehicle or software issues at all times.


This approach defines our drive-by-wire interfaces and its interaction with safety drivers

StreetDrone's drive-by-wire system is built in line with the SAE level 2 architecture, with intuitive safety driver controls:

  • Clear indication of control - mode lights and sounds let the driver know who is in control: AV computer or safety driver

  • Intuitive take-back methods - disable drive-by-wire by pressing any pedal, or applying a torque to the steering wheel.

  • Accidental operation prevention - multiple level arm and engage system prevents accidental operation

  • Multi-channel cut outs - switches and electrical cut -out ensure mutliple methods of disablement

  • Error readout - display provides mission critical system information

These driver systems go hand-in-hand with multiple other measures within our extensive safety approach.


The StreetDrone drive-by-wire system comes with a customer 'CANbus" data network that provides the connection to and from our vehicle controllers. This means complete access to all control systems data, available original vehicle data and full control of the vehicle (brake, throttle, steering, ancillaries).

Our lowest level interface is via CAN, but ROS (Robot Operating System) is also supported. Our StreetDrone Twizy ROS vehicle interface is open source and can be viewed on our Github.