Bespoke Projects

StreetDrones Twizy and e-NV200 platforms provide our customers with the best possible, state of the art vehicles for fully integrated autonomous vehicle for testing and R&D, however we appreciate there may be times where our customers need something more bespoke or custom built.

We are happy to discuss requirements ranging from custom bodywork through to advanced mechanical engineering solutions and custom chassis requirements. 


Please get in touch with us to tell us about your specific needs and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Alongside open interface and full drive-by-wire, StreetDrone also integrates multiple self-driving sensors, including LiDAR, RADAR, Ultrasonics, Cameras, GPS/IMU all configurable dependent on end use case and customer request. 


- Micro 2 seater EV 

- Fully electric drivetrain 

- Up to 40 mile range 

- Max speed 50mph 

- Charge time 4 hours 

- Trunk power and mountings for computation equipment 

- Roof mounted sensor arrays 


TWIZY Custom Platform

The StreetDrone E-NV200 is the perfect trials vehicle, and when combined with our enterprise open source AutoWare software stack and In-car PC computing power, delivers out-of-the box autonomous trials. 



- 5/7 seater/panel van configurable EV 
- Fully electric drivetrain 
- Up to 187 mile range 
- Max speed: 80 mph 
- 600kg payload
- Charge time 40 minutes (using fast charge)
- Multiple moulded mountings for computation equipment 
- Roof mounted sensor arrays 


e-NV200 Custom Platform


Safety is clearly the most important aspect when deploying self-driving vehicles and all starts with the vehicle itself. The years of experience we have in our engineering team in automotive control systems means that we can build the safest possible drive-by-wire system in parallel with the vehicle manufacturers existing systems.


This means no hacking, no spoofing and no risk of unknown failures affecting the vehicle. Safety comes first, and the integrated solution we provide means that our customers can be certain that they are building a stack of technologies that safely work seamlessly together.